Idle time between gigs, means lost money making potential. Why not become a OneCoinEnglish.JP Language Partner?

No Experience

The micro gig seems interesting but isn’t language teaching experience required?

Scheduling Difficulties

As a busy person doing many other gigs, scheduling a micro gig is near impossible.

Resolving Disputes

Harassed by customers and dealing with payment issues distracts from providing a quality service.

We would like to help you monetize your idle time at OneCoinEnglish.JP.

Simply share the English that you use in your subculture, studies, or at work. Help the Learner improve their English speaking and listening skills for their subculture, studies or work in common.

No need to worry about scheduling or missing a micro gig. On any device’s browser, log in to your OneCoinEnglish.JP profile and be available for 10 minutes at a time on our audio video chat.

So that you can focus on bringing value to your learners our platform makes sure you gat paid after each session and provides the support necessary to resolve issues or become a better language partner.

It only takes a few minutes to list. Here's how.


Sign up with your emai. List yourself with the essentails or become a verified Language Partner.


Once listed, post regularly and get good ratings to rank higher in the listings.


Monetize your idle time for 10 minutes at a time to supplement your income. Help an English learner and get paid well.